Create + Grow!


Did you just get a “nice” camera but don’t know how to use it properly? Are you hobby photographer who wants to expand and make your passion more of a business? Are you stuck in a rut with the same posing or are you wanting to get clients that fit your style more? Do you need help getting those authentic moments for clients who aren’t comfortable in front of the camera? Over the past 7 years I’ve had the opportunity to gain knowledge about the photography industry through trial and errors, workshops, and online self teaching, as well experience in running a successful full time photography business. I offer mentorships that can be geared towards exactly what you are needing to be successful in the photography industry. Wether it’s just learning the basics of your DSLR camera so you can take those timeless shots of your kids, or if you want to go all in and support yourself.


Let’s Chat!

Coffee/Cocktail/Skype meet up to chat about anything you are needing help with regarding photography! This includes but not limited to the basics of your camera, editing softwares, business management, etc!

Let’ shoot!

Join me on a photoshoot with a real couple to learn how I pose, direct, and interact with clients. You are encouraged to take your own photos to get portfolio work!

From start to finish!

Starting with a hands on photoshoot and ending with all the questions + work flow. You will get the full experience that doesn’t stop after we say goodbye! You are always welcomed to ask me questions after we meet.


Don’t see exactly what you are needing to get you where you want to be? Reach out and we can figure out what your goals and dreams are in the photography world and what you need to get you there!

Let’s do it!